Process of EcoLeaf

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PCR Review and Approval(Reliability and soudness of EcoLeaf preparation rules) Preparation of PCR Draft(Warking group by interested parties) Proposal for Creating PCR Preparation and Application EcoLeaf (1)Verification(external) (2)Verification(internal)(Business entities which have obtained System Certification) EcoLeaf registration EcoLeaf released to public in EcoLeaf website
When the product being applied for has no PCR as yet
*Product Category Rule (PCR):
Unified criteria that decide data acquisition methods, LCA calculation methods, label content, and other items for each product category. The working group prepares a draft that is finalized approval by Review Panel. PCR is defined by ISO 14025.
When the product being applied for already has PCR
(1) external verification
The label is verified by a verifier, and it ca be registered and made public.
(2) internal verification
After an system auditor has audited the seven systems, which are necessary to make a label, and the auditing results reported to the review panel are approved, the applicant business entity (will be awarded System Certification) can register and publicly release a self-verified label (in-house verification).
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